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BodyLight lightwave technology stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in your skin cells for a pain-free, surgery-free alternative for facial rejuvenation. 
Our facial therapy can help reverse signs of aging by tightening skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and/or wrinkles, lightening aging spots and also lightening dark under eye circles. Bodylight facial therapy also helps smooth facial blemishes and dramatically improves the complexion of skin damaged by acne or sun.

For a younger natural appearance, try Bodylight Facial Rejuvenation.





When using our Bodylight Figure Transformation Light System, it is not uncommon to see a fat loss of 1 inch or more in your first 15 minute session.  Our body light system helps pull out excess fatty content from the core of your fat cells.  Once the excess fat content is pulled from the core of the cells, your body's metabolic process will dispose of much of the excess fatty content.  To learn more about this process, see our "How Bodylight Works" page. 

For Ideal results, 9-12 sessions is recommended.  This of course will change from one person to the next, but the average patient achieves their figure transforming goals within 9-12 sessions. 




You can choose several areas of your body to shape and contour.  For single sessions you can choose one of the specified areas below, or you can choose several different areas with our multiple session packages.  Below is a list of areas you can choose to transform.  You pick it - We'll help you transform it.

FIGURE TRANSFORMING      Lose Inches, Reduce Fat and Contour your body